Frequently Asked Questions

Mother Earth Radio is a private project. The music is tuned down to a special chamber tone. We use records, HiRes audio files and some CD's which are broadcast in 96khz/24bit. The station is financed out of my own pocket.
      No Sound
    • Try using another current browser, e.g. Firefox
    • Try if the mp3 stream works
    • Use an Ethernet cable connection
    • Does the stream work with VLC?

      Noises during playback
    • Crackling occurs with records, the dust on the record causes the needle to crackle.

      No title or artist information
    • Pioneering work takes its toll. Unfortunately, the FLAC format as an internet stream cannot transport metadata.
      We make the metadata available via an extra API, not every platform has integrated this data so far.

      The music selection is strange
    • The choice of pieces is based on musical quality and the lyrics, but not on musical taste or genres. See our paper for more details.

      Page is not secure / No connection to the streams
    • Our site and the streams do not have an SSL certificate. Technical reasons on the rented high performance server prevent this. Therefore, there may be problems, for example, in company networks.