Mother Earth Radio DIY Player SD-Card image

This SD Card image for Raspberry 4 devices is a do-it-yourself multiroom high-end audio solution.
It's made with the DietPi operating system, the Mopidy-Player, and the Snapcast Synchronous Multiroom System.
Raspberry Pi 4 devices can be upgraded with snap-on- or USB-audio converters to an audiophile high end player, or be used with the onboard audio to drive your kitchen radio. Download image, flash to SD card, insert into Pi and listen to Mother Earth! Use the Extender-Image to extend your system with additional Pi's and all devices play synced!

Mother Earth Player Image
Mother Earth Satellite Image

The player has to be wired with an ethernet cable to your network, and is then reachable at motherearth.local.
Audio settings can be done in the DietPi dashboard at motherearth.local:5252
Password is "motherearth"
Manual is coming, please read up information about the OS and what it can do under