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It's not playing!?

This is high resolution audio streamed in FLAC format, so there are compatibility issues. Try another browser like Firefox i.e. Another option to listen to the radio is to open the link in the upper left corner with your mediaplayer software, i.e. Foobar. A good thing is to set your soundcard manually to 96k sampling rate.

Whats the point?

We play high resolution music because we are convinced that the lack of natural analog music affects our brains and ears. If you dont feed your brain with certain frequencies from time to time it will disable the corresponding neural networks. Of even more importance we consider the quality of soundwave reproduction. The digitalization of audio in CD format, or even worse compressed formats like mp3 etc., results in omitting large parts of the natural endless-value shaped soundwave.

Ok, but why did you tune the music down?

In a conference of audio engineers and radiomakers in 1939 it was decided to raise the general pitch of music higher for military reasons. This was often critizised and never turned back. There are numerous reasons to not stress your vegetative nerve-system with the 440hz.

What is the Faslak's Frequency?

The Faslak's Frequency was discovered by Silvio Lachmann. It is a universal frequency that has been calculated based on the harmonic relations of the periodic table of elements. The Faslak's Frequency resonates through all matter in the universe.

Fine, but i really cant stand some of the music you're playing

Well, hang in there! Musical taste is just a part of your culturalization and has nothing to do with genius. And that is precisely what we are trying to display: Mankind's Genius in Creation - in our case: Music. Also the chosen root frequency is of physical benefit for your body. And your body and spirit soul don't care about what you think you like. The more complex harmonic music like Rahmaninoff or Zappa is there to trigger long-term unused brain neurons, the more intense pieces are there to wake you up, and some of the simple songs might just touch your soul. There are no dark lyrics here to be heard.


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