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Mother Earth Radio Windows App Update

Clearsound Club released an update of the highly recommended audiophile Mother Earth Radio App for Windows. Grab your copy here!


Why Today's Music Is So BORING. The Regression of Musical Innovation - Rick Beato

Rick Beato states and explains in his video the theoretical reasons for todays music being boring.

Melody Gardot - "Currency Of Man"
wasn't recorded in 432hz tuning

Added Melody's 2015 Album "Currency Of Man".

I read it was supposedly recorded in 432hz, but that is not the case. I analyze tuning of songs for Mother Earth Radio to pitch them to 429hz. Currency indeed is even higher than 440hz from what i could hear and measure.
What is true though is that it was recorded with analogue equipment, you can hear that very well. It is truely a fantastic capture of great performance.
A great example of what a joyful experience music can be if you do it this way.

Dredg - Catch Without Arms

Newest addition: The epic Dredg album "Catch Without Arms" !
This is the most expensive record i ever purchased - worth every penny. To acquire this gem was made possible by the wonderful platform and a wise, tasteful collector in the states (Good catch, CB!!) who bought that one at the time and now sold it. Mother Earth says thanks!

Catch without arms, third album of california based band Dredg, is described as "a change to a simpler, and more straightforward musical style for the band". Me thinks it is a highly complex, virtuosly played record; great melodies, beatiful harmonies, a very interesting approach of guitar work (like: yes, that was indeed the guitar solo?!)

Quality of recordings on classical stream

Starting with the switch to 192k recently, the clicks and pops in our classical vinyl recordings catalogue started to really get annoying.
We are capable of adressing this issue easily, but it will take us some time. The classical channel was filled with recordings of my personal collection, and these records are mainly original pressings starting from about the 1930's. (By the way, i have many CD's from the 80's which are not playable anymore)
Those original vinyl's were recorded with my project turntable and an ortofon needle. We are starting to re-record all of these in the High End Audio Lab, have them properly washed with a super-expensive and aggresive cleaner, and maybe even record them with the awesome high-end needle and Linn turntable, depending on the condition of the vinyl. Higher on our schedule is to replenish the main catalogue though, since it is rather empty after the decision to broadcast in 192kHz.

Instrumental Stream updated to Ultra-HD

We warmly welcome the instrumental stream into the 192kHz family!
Lifted the stream up to 192kHz since the catalogue of fresh vinyl recordings thats coming from Christian Mayer's Hi Res Audio Lab starts to grow. Instrumental channel is still running some CD format recordings and 96k files, but the share of true 192k files is now notably large, so we switched. We do hope you enjoy!
Mother Earth Radio is broadcasting since February 2020, started on 96k, being the first ever worldwide hi res audio station free-to-air. I give credit to JB Radio, but couldn't find the date when they started broadcasting at 96k. If anyone finds that date please let me know!

Artificial Intelligence

I have seen the Mona Lisa painted by the AI program lately. From my point of view this is to be trashed instantly, ripped apart and burned. It is not art, it is rubbish. Why do i say that?
If i postulate you do not know about oil painting, you don't know how colours are manufactured, how they are blended with liquids to make them useable, how to mix colours, how to apply them to the canvas, what are the drying times of different layers, what is layering, would that be wrong?
If you take into account all the things you have to know, all the things you had to practise, the talent you have to be born with and then cultivate over years to draw, all this craftmanship and human talents that make the Mona Lisa a piece of "art", if i tell you that even the breath of Maestro da Vinci onto the canvas brought "odem", life, into the painting, if you imagine what a charisma the person that was painted must have had, if you think of all of that, and then go back to this code-born thing that we are talking of, the A.I. Mona Lisa, look again, it is not art. It is pure math, look at the chest, the whole thing is just wrong.

So what to make of all of this? I decided to not use any more translation A.I. for Mother Earth Radio.
That means this text was translated with my personal poor english that i learned over the course of my life so far, that's about 40 years of english. Hope you can understand me!!