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Vinyl and Hi-Res Audio

There are many ways to enjoy music, the digital age has made music available everywhere, CDs have made noise-free and crisp listening possible, so why a radio station that streams vinyl recordings digitally over the internet?

Because the current state of the art allows us to capture records in a satisfactory digital resolution (Hi-Res Audio) and then stream them losslessly over the internet!

LPs are considered the audiophile solution par excellence. The music is recorded in analogue quality, is a one-to-one copy of the sounds produced by the musicians.
Even playing a vinyl LP involves the listener: the recording medium must be carefully taken out of its sleeve, gently placed on the record player and cleaned of dust, and the needle must be placed on the groove with the utmost care.
The record covers, often designed by great artists, in large format and good print, take you even further, promising in their design already an inkling of the music they contain.
Once you have enjoyed the sound of such an audiophile work of art on a proper stereo system, you will hardly be able to get enthusiastic about a piece of music played on a mobile phone speaker. The vocals are barely intelligible, the bass range non-existent, the highs strangely exacerbated.

Mother Earth Radio gives you the opportunity to enjoy vinyl record-like sound quality again. We record albums with audiophile equipment in high-resolution format and broadcast them in 192kHz Hi-Res Audio format. That means the record is only converted twice, once during recording and then at your DAC converter at home. So we come as close as possible to the original analogue signal - listen for yourself!