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Hi-Res Audio and vinyl

There are numerous ways to enjoy music. CDs make noise- and crackle-free listening possible, the digital age makes music available everywhere. So why a hi-res audio web radio that now broadcasts vinyl records again?

Because with the current state of technology we can record discs in a satisfactory resolution. And then we stream them losslessly over the Internet! Just as if you were putting on a record at home!

Hi-Res Audio and vinyl are attracting more and more attention and we discuss them a lot online. However, I do not find studies such as the study very meaningful. The testers only listened to the music through headphones, and 60 participants is simply not enough.

However, almost all studies and authors agree on one very specific point:

The record still convinced every listener in the tests.


Records are considered the audiophile solution par excellence. The music is recorded in analog quality and is a one-to-one copy of the sounds produced by the musicians.
Even playing a vinyl LP involves the listener. The sound carrier is carefully removed from its case, gently placed on top and cleaned of dust, and the needle is placed on the groove with the utmost care.
Great artists often design album covers that take you even further, that already promise an idea of the music they contain.

Once you have experienced the sound of such a work of art on a proper system, you will hardly be enthusiastic about an mp3 that you listen to on a mobile phone. The vocals are barely intelligible, the bass range is lacking and the treble is strangely exaggerated.

Enjoy the sound quality of vinyl again with Mother Earth Radio! We digitize records with audiophile equipment and send them in 192kHz High-Resolution Audio FLAC format. This means we only convert the vinyl recording twice, once at the recording and then at your DAC converter at home. This is as close as we can get to the original analog signal!

Hi-Res Audio and vinyl – see for yourself and listen to high-resolution music on Mother Earth Radio! (English)