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Christian Mayer and Florian Reiterer

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Florian Reiterer


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Florian Reiterer

Weidmannstrasse 40A
D-80997 Munich

Imprint Florian Reiterer

Florian Reiterer, born 09.10.1974 in Munich, son of Herbert Rhom Reiterer, state actor at the Residenztheater Munich, and Aafje Cornelia “Puck” Oosthoek Reiterer, prima ballerina at the Staatstheater Innsbruck, later director.

Trained as a sound engineer at the SAE Munich in 1994. Meanwhile internships and jobs in recording studios, after graduation in the music recording studio Polyester Munich, where e.g. in 1996 one of the first 5.1 dolby digital systems was installed, from 1997-2000 customer support technician for the manufacturer of the largest digital editing system Pro Tools. Moved to Bayerischer Rundfunk in 2003 with the decline of the music industry.

I’ve been playing the piano since I was six years old and over the years I’ve played pretty much anything with strings for just as long, and I’m just as passionate about reading anything printed on paper.


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