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Fascination 429Hz

“Everything that exists is vibration and frequency” – Nikola Tesla

“If the whole body were not a sound, it could not create sounds.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Every illness is a musical problem, the cure a musical resolution” – Novalis

“There is no matter in itself! All matter is created and exists only through a force that causes the atomic particles to vibrate and holds them together to form tiny solar systems of the atom.” – Max Planck

Thinkers, physicists, mathematicians, therapists and musicians have been studying a wide variety of frequencies for a long time.

We have 440Hz, the current concert pitch for music, 432Hz – the Vivaldi tuning, the earth tone, Pythagoras’ starting frequency and now: 429HzFaslak’s tone.

Mother Earth Radio would like to give you the opportunity to find out more about this topic here. All the music in the program is tuned down to this new, ideal chamber tone. Why this is not only interesting for the musician in you, but possibly for you as an individual, and why this results in what you get to hear on Mother Earth Radio, you can find out here!

Faslak's sound

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In 1939, the tuning pitch a was set at 440Hz at the international concert pitch conference. From a biophysical point of view, however, 440Hz or even higher vocal tones are out of the question, as music based on them causes stress. A tuning pitch of 432Hz is currently considered natural.

The engineering office Lachmann calculated the ideal fundamental tone of 429Hz (Faslak’s tone) on the basis of the periodic table of elements. This fundamental tone is resonant with the elements carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. This is why 429Hz music triggers the state of complete contentment and inner peace described by Democritus, which he called “euthymia” (German: Wohlgemut).

That’s why every single music track in Mother Earth Radio’s program was analyzed for itself and tuned as closely as possible to Faslak’s sound.


Interview with Sylvio Lachmann about his discovery Faslaks Ton – 429Hz

In this podcast, Mother Earth Radio founder Florian Reiterer and entrepreneur Sylvio Lachmann talk about hi-res audio, frequency therapy and his discovery Faslaks Ton.

Manuscript as pdf:

429Hz – Faslaks Sound

Sylvio Lachmann Entdecker 429Hz Faslaks Ton

Faslak's sound - the universal frequency of the elements

Whatever the background and connections may be, 429Hz music has a measurable effect on people. Heart rate variability measurements show the almost immediate calming effect on the autonomic nervous system. We are yet to find out what else is possible here – we are looking forward to it! Join us on this journey and recalibrate, retune and simply relax! – with the 429Hz music on Mother Earth Radio!

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Publication "429Hz - Faslak's sound" 2020

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