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Quality of the recordings in the classical stream

Since the switch to 192k, the clicks and pops in our catalog of classic vinyl recordings have become very annoying.
We are able to fix this problem easily, but it will take some time. The Classical Channel has been filled with recordings from my personal collection, and these records are mainly original pressings from the 1930s onwards. (By the way, I have many CDs from the 80s that are no longer playable)
These original vinyls were recorded with my project turntable and an Ortofon needle. We start re-recording them in the High End Audio Lab, washing them with a super expensive and aggressive cleaner and maybe even recording them with the fantastic high-end needle and Linn turntable, depending on the condition of the vinyl. At the top of our list, however, is filling up the main channel, which is pretty empty after the decision to broadcast in 192kHz.

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