What’s it all about

Mother Earth wishes for people to get better when they listen for a while. Furthermore it is a musical education to accustom again to a complex and nutritious music diet.

  1. The Faslaks frequency

    In 1939 concert pitch was set to 440hz by the international concert pitch conference held in London. But 440Hz or higher pitches are out of the question from a biophysics point of view, since music based on this pitch is inducing stress.
    German engineering office Lachmann calculated the ideal concert pitch of 429hz based on the periodic table of elements (Faslaks frequency). This root note is resonant to the elements carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. 429Hz music elicits the state of „Euthymia“ as described by Demokrit.
    Every song on-air has individually been analyzed and tuned as close as possible to the Faslaks frequency.

  2. Technical
  3. Music
  4. Content:

    The music on Mother Earth Radio is curated by my philosophical views. In a nutshell, i only play music that tells about bravery, love and joy, also tales of grief of course, but nothing of the devil, hatred, violence and dependency.
    You can listen to Mother Earth the whole day without being told a horrible story or curse words. And you’ll notice at the end of the day.

    So, nice and easy, not too demanding, that’s what the hit cookbook gives you – resulting in a mainstream radio that is extremely simple, to the point of dumbing down peoples neurons with perfumed sandpaper till there is nothing left than nursery rhyme level.

Florian Reiterer, Munich, 2021